Films seen in July
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02. The Tale of the Rat that Wrote (1999, Ireland) Billy O'Brien [short] - not recommended

04. Isolation (2005, Ireland) Billy O'Brien [2nd viewing; last viewing Sep.'05; rating remains solid, B+]
05. Reform School Girls (1986, USA) Tom DeSimone - worth seeing
A mess to be sure, but like They're Playing With Fire, it remains something of a fascinating cultural artifact for the decade that spawned it.

11. Over the Edge (1979, USA) Jonathan Kaplan - a must see
14. Raja (2003, France/Morocco) Jacques Doillon - a must see [B-]
15. Chacun Son Cinema (2007, Various) Listed in order of preference:
** - "Zhanxiou Village" - Chen Kaige, "Awkward" - Elia Suleiman,"The Last Dating Show" - Bille August, "Anna" - Alejandro González Iñárritu, "In the Dark" - Andrei Konchalovsky, "Open Air Cinema" - Raymond Depardon
"47 Years Later" - Youssef Chahine, "Cinéma de Boulevard" - Claude Lelouch, "Trois Minutes" - Théo Angelopoulos
zero - "Diary of a Movie Goer" - Nanni Moretti, "The Dybbuk Haifa" - Amos Gitai, "No Translation Needed" - Michael Cimino

17. The Big Cube (1969, USA) Tito Davison - worth seeing
19. Flight of the Living Dead (2007, USA) Scott Thomas - worthless
Re-titled from Plane Dead so as to cash in on the Snakes on a Plane hype, this must stand as one of the worst films I’ve had the misfortune to see in well over a year. Intentionally campy, but incompetently shot, edited, and scripted, the real sin is how unintentionally offensive this comes off with regards to its "elephant in the room" subject matter. I had a similar experience with Dorm of the Dead, so as of this moment I’m swearing off Romero pun-films altogether.

22. Video Violence... When Renting is Not Enough (1987, USA) Gary Cohen - a must see
Shot on video horror is genre in its own right. Many of these films are downright awful, but occasionally you come across something special. This wild and damn fun time capsule of a 1980’s vintage, plays like Caché had it been directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Anyone who remembers the day of oversized VHS boxes and independent video stores will have a hard time not cracking a nostalgic smile.

23. Hobo With a Shotgun (2007, USA) Jason Eisener, Rob Cotterill, and John Davies [short] - average
Winner of the 'Grindhouse Trailer' competition. downloadable here.

26. Underworld (1927, USA) Josef von Sternberg - a must see
27. Video Violence 2 (1987, USA) Gary Cohen - worthless
29. Queen of Outer Space (1958, USA) Edward Bernds - has redeeming facet [camp rating ***]
30. King Solomon's Mines (1950, USA) Compton Bennett & Andrew Marton - worth seeing
32. Police Beat (2005, USA) Robinson Devor - Masterpiece [A]
36. Frailty (2001, USA) Bill Paxton - a must see
41. Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972, Hong Kong) Chor Yuen - worth seeing
43. The Acid Eaters (1968, USA) Byron Mabe - worthless
46. Pumpkinhead (1989, USA) Stan Winston - worth seeing


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