Films seen in June
[10/2] Note – New commitments at work have proven to deprive me of all my writing time. I will put a couple of sentences on everything from now on to share my thoughts, however I don’t see myself churning out anything substantial anytime soon…
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01. The Breed (2006, USA) Nicholas Mastandrea - has redeeming facet [D]
One would have expected that the directorial debut by the former Assistant Director for names like Romero and Craven would make for a slightly better horror film than this. One would be wrong…

02. Diary of a Lost Girl (1929, Germany) G.W. Pabst - a must see
03. The Free Will (2006, Germany) Matthias Glasner - Excellent [A-]

06. April Fool's Day (1986, USA) Fred Walton - worth seeing
08. The Tiger and the Snow (2005, Italy) Roberto Benigni - a must see [B-]
10. Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion (2006, USA) Michael Blieden - worthless [F]
11. Godzilla Raids Again (1955, Japan) Motoyoshi Oda - has redeeming facet
12. Each Dawn I Die (1939, USA) William Keighley - a must see
13. They're Playing With Fire (1984, USA) Howard Avedis - a must see
Is it wrong that this campy and severely dated 80’s thriller is some of the most fun I’ve had with a genre film in a longtime? Featuring the frequently nude and ever ridiculous Sybil Danning (returning to screens this year courtesy of Rob Zombie) this is equal parts slasher film and Giallo as directed for the late-night Skin-a-Max crowd. A campy gem that probably plays today as ten-times better a film than the year in which it was made.

15. Slaughter House Phi: Death Sisters (2006, USA) Lewis Schoenbrun [video] - has redeeming facet [D]
17. Anita (1973, Sweden) Torgny Wickman - has redeeming facet
18. The River's Edge (1957, USA) Allan Dwan - a must see

20. Death Ship (1980, UK) Alvin Rakoff - worthless
Billed as a “lost classic” when it was recently released in the UK on DVD, this is one that was better left forgotten. George Kennedy and Richard Crenna star in the lowpoints of their careers terrorized by a possessed Nazi ship (think The Car, but with a ship). Not even a script by the usually efficient and witty Jack Hill can bring this clunky and unimaginative bore of a picture to life.

22. Ils (2006, France) David Moreau & Xavier Palud - a must see [B]
25. SL8N8 (2006, Netherlands) Frank van Geloven & Edwin Visser - has redeeming facet [D]
26. Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968, USA) Herb Stanley - worth seeing
27. Deathbed (2002, USA) Danny Draven [video] - has redeeming facet
28. 1408 (2007, USA) Mikael Håfström - has redeeming facet [D+]
Extended "Twilight Zone" episode with innovation curbed from Polanski and frights lifted from Jap-Horror. Cusak’s one-man performance keeps things rolling but the film never amounts to anything significant and when the opportunity arises to go darker and more frightening it opts instead for a tired emotional subplot involving a deceased child. Vacancy manages to outdo this in just about every category.

30. Who Can Kill a Child? (1976, Spain) Narciso Ibáñez Serrador - a must see
Prime example of home video uncovering a criminally underseen little gem...

32. Galaxina (1980, USA) William Sachs - worthless
35. White Skin (2004, Canada) Daniel Roby - has redeeming facet


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